Healthcare Policy Management Software
Our policy management software collaboration tools are built with your workflow processes in mind.

Workflow Collaboration

Updates and notifications will be shared resulting in clear communication among your policy committees. Workflows can standardize the way a policy is revised each time.

Microsoft Office Integration

The unique integration with Microsoft Office allows for a seamless process, and guarantees policy version control.

Automated Notifications

Out-dated policies will not remain unnoticed by Policy Reviewers, with automatic e-mail notifications indicating which policies are up for review.

Version Control

Accessing previous versions of a policy for the next unannounced auditor visit, requires just one click of the button. Risk managers will immediately appreciate the benefits of policy version control and archiving.

Custom Reporting

Create custom reports based on data that is most relevant to the healthcare organization. PolicyManager’s reporting capabilities were built with your compliance, quality, and accreditation goals in mind.

Regulatory Standard Links

To help enhance compliance in the organization, documents can be mapped to the appropriate regulation or standard.

Easy Attestation

Helps enable users to maintain an ever-ready state of compliance.The iAttest feature alerts frontline staff of required attestation, and is an es- sential asset to Risk and Compliance.

Usability and One-Click Searching

The software is designed for simplicity and ease of use, even by people with minimum IT experience.

Quick and Easy Accessibility

Permits quick access to content that is relevant to each staff member. Users can bring up any policy from any computer in as little as 5 seconds.

Controlled Access

Administrators have full control over granting users (or groups of users) different levels of access to reading and editing documents, thus increasing overall security and privacy.


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