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Transforming the Policy Management Process to Accelerate Staff Onboarding & Improve Patient Safety [Webinar]

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear firsthand how St. Anthony’s Medical Center, Mercy’s fifth acute care hospital in the greater St. Louis region and the third largest hospital across Mercy’s four states. has automated their policy and procedure management processes to accelerate recruitment of clinical staff, improve policy usage among staff and enhance patient safety.

Contracts Manager [Video]

Contracts Manager ™ enables Healthcare Administrators, Managers and Supply Chain professionals to quickly create or import contracts, manage them, and store them securely where they can be searched, analyzed and organized. With no limitations, the solution allows healthcare organizations to upload or create as many documents as necessary and store them as long as required. Automating and streamlining contract management workflows improves visibility to reduce financial risk, adhere to regulatory requirements from oversight agencies and optimize operational efficiencies.

policy management

Policy management and M&As: 5 things to know [Becker’s Healthcare]

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have picked up in past years as healthcare organizations struggle with increasing market pressures. Organizations pursuing consolidation seek to leverage economies of scale in order to reduce costs, gain a competitive advantage, and increase revenue. Recently, the number of health system transactions hit its highest level since this data started being…

policy management

Policy Management Supports Risk and Compliance Oversight [Trustee]

Hospitals and other health care facilities create and maintain thousands of policy documents. A typical hospital has policies that guide daily operations, ranging from administration and human resources to direct care and use of medication. An infection control policy, for example, guides laboratory procedures, specimen testing, personal protective equipment and waste disposal, while a discharge…