Job Description Manager

Optimizing Talent Management with Job Description Manager [Webinar]

In this webinar, Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Product Strategist, PolicyMedical, will reveal how you can establish an enterprise-wide electronic library of all descriptions for job roles and responsibilities and link to associated resources/documents. He will also review how you can optimize accreditation and compliance readiness by aligning job descriptions with policies and procedures.

Saving money with healthcare compliance

Saving Money With Healthcare Compliance

It’s a no-brainer that maintaining compliance standards can save healthcare organizations some big bucks. But if you think all compliance is good for is helping you avoid a few fines, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Since compliance programs are a necessity that cannot be escaped, then it’s up to us to optimize our programs…

Healthcare Vendor and Credentialing Solution

How to Choose a Healthcare Vendor and Credentialing Solution

In the healthcare world, we’re no strangers to data breaches. In fact, the healthcare industry has the largest percentage of breaches compared to any other industry. As such, a growing number of rules, regulations and fines have been borne out of it. This is where a real-time vendor and credentialing tool can help keep your organization safe. With so many people coming and going, you want to ensure that every vendor, employee, and contractor that enter your doors is in good standing.