Bianca Zefa

Project Manager – Implementation & Training

Phone- 1-888-697-6331 Ext 727

Articles Written By Bianca Zefa

Get to know Bianca

To give you the opportunity to get to know our staff a little better we sat down and asked them 5 simple questions. Here’s what Bianca had to say…


What do you do at PolicyMedical (in a nutshell)?

My job is to help our clients implement our solutions, educate them and ensure that they continue having the best experience possible.


Why do you like working at PolicyMedical?

Being around so many brilliant minds and team players, also having the opportunity to personally meet with the clients, and experience the positive impact of our work on their daily lives.


Where is the best or most interesting place you’ve ever visited?

Egypt has been the most interesting so far; I could close my eyes and feel all the history that I always read about everywhere around me.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am constantly looking for new things to learn, places to go, people to meet and foods to try; either with my friendsĀ or sometimes challenging myself on my own. Yes, this basically means that I am never home and I love traveling!


My greatest achievement is…

Making Canada my new home after leaving my family and friends in Brazil, as well as working on what makes me happy: helping and educating people!