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The Advantages of Policy Management Software for Hospitals

Having an opportunity to engage with prospects and clients is something that I truly enjoy.  As part of my day-to-day activities in business development and account management here at PolicyMedical, one of the questions that consistently comes up from prospective clients is “What are the advantages of policy management software for hospitals?”.  To help answer…

policy management software

The Benefits of Real-Time Reporting for Policy Management Software

While talking to our clients over the past several years, the client services team at PolicyMedical has become intimately familiar with their needs surrounding real-time reporting, an indispensable component of a healthcare organization’s policy management system storing a great deal of data to be compiled and analyzed regularly. You may or may not have a comprehensive policy…

What are the Values, Benefits and ROI of Healthcare Policy Management Software for Hospitals

Hospital Policy Compliance For Policies and Procedures

There are countless reasons why hospital staff might not read the necessary policies, including lack of motivation, difficulty locating policies, and polices containing outdated information.  A robust policy management system can help your healthcare organization write new policies, keep them up to date, store them, and make them readily available to employees. However, getting your employees to read the policies is a whole other story. Despite these challenges, it is critical that employees read and understand all assigned policies. That being said, it is possible to have a culture where policies are read on-time and a hospital can attest to each employee’s awareness about specific policies. In this article we are going to address many of these issues and what your healthcare organization can do to motivate your staff to read and stay informed.