Contracts Manager enables Healthcare Administrators, Managers and Supply Chain professionals to quickly create or import contracts, manage them, and store them securely where they can be searched, analyzed and organized. With no limitations, the solution allows healthcare organizations to upload or create as many documents as necessary and store them as long as required. Automating and streamlining contract management workflows improves visibility to reduce financial risk, adhere to regulatory requirements from oversight agencies and optimize operational efficiencies.

To help your healthcare organization make an informed decision about your contract management software needs, we set out to answer the top questions we have received about our Contracts Manager solution.


Contracts Manager Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Contracts Manager cloud-based?

Yes, Contracts Manager is a cloud-based software solution. No hardware is required.

Does Contracts Manager support self-service contract request and creation?

Yes. Contracts Manager supports the entire contract lifecycle from creation through renewal, termination and/or archive.

Can the software support complex contract types, such as parent and addendums, outsourcing, licensing, IP contracts; or leases?

Yes. Contracts Manager can support all contract types.

Does Contracts Manager support redlining, audit trail, version tracking and document workflows?

Yes. Contracts Manager enables you to streamline all of the workflows including tracking all redlines and signed executed versions.

Can I set up different permissions for different roles within our facility and is document-based security and permissions supported?

Yes. Setting up role-based permissions is available. Contracts Manager allows assigning module specific data/document access rights and feature privileges.

With Contracts Manager is it possible to create, store, search and manage contracts and related attachments?

Yes. Contracts Manager enables you to create, store, search and manage all contracts in a central online repository or library that can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time enabling staff to locate contracts within seconds.

Does Contracts Manager support electronic signatures?

Yes, Contracts Manager includes electronic signatures. You can easily obtain legally binding signatures in compliance with the ESIGN Act, UETA and 21 CFR Part 11. All electronic signatures are time and date stamped with detailed audit logs.

Does Contracts Manager integrate with Microsoft Word and Office?

Yes. The system integrates with Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Office suite.

Does the system provide printing capabilities?

 Yes. Users can print documents including an audit trail for compliance and/or legal purposes.

Does the system support mapping between agreements - parent and addendums?

Yes. Parent contracts can be linked to all addendums associated with the parent.

Is the automatic uploading of contracts supported?

Yes. Users can automatically upload existing contracts into Contracts Manager. Also, a list of multiple vendors can automatically be uploaded to the system.

Does the system enable alerts and/or workflow triggers based on specific contract milestones, such as volume thresholds, payment schedules, dates, etc.?

Yes. Alerts can be set up in the system based on frequency and contract milestones.

Does the system provide native reporting capabilities?

Yes. Contracts Manager provides comprehensive, robust reporting capabilities.

Does the system provide role-based reporting and/or dashboards?

Yes. The web-based dashboard is very user-friendly and information displayed on the dashboard can be double-clicked to quickly access contract details.

Does the system support e-mail alerts, escalations and process triggers based on pre-defined milestones (e.g. payments, termination dates, etc.)

Yes. Contracts Manager includes the comprehensive ability for tracking specific contract-related items and for setting up email alerts.

Can external vendors have access to the system?

Yes. The system will generate an email that includes a limited time link to specific contracts within the system, so external vendors or business associates can have limited access to conduct their responsibilities.

Does the system provide the ability to conduct searches on specific contracts?

Yes, Contracts Manager includes advanced search functionality similar to Google. You can search on specific words, terms, phrases, and metadata. The entire database or the online centralized policy library will be searched and the results will appear on the screen similar to how Google search results appear.

Does your system link to Microsoft Active Directory for Single Sign-on?

Yes. The Single Sign-on interface can link to Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP or SAML integration.

What are the server/technical requirements to run the application?

Contracts Manager is a web-based SaaS solution. There are no additional hardware requirements or server maintenance needed from our clients. The system is simply accessed through a web browser. If you would like further details, please contact us and we can send you some technical specifications that list out all minimum requirements.

Are there security features integrated into Contracts Manager?

Yes, there are security features integrated into the system that allows assigning module specific data/document access rights and feature privileges.

Is integration with Microsoft Word and cloud-based applications like Dropbox and Box available?

Yes, Microsoft Word is integrated with Contracts Manager along with seamless integration with Dropbox and Box making the transition of documents faster and easier.

How many users does Contracts Manager support?

Contracts Manager supports an unlimited number of users. The application is very flexible and easily scales from small to enterprise-class environments. PolicyMedical works with more than 3000 organizations ranging some small regional healthcare facilities to large healthcare integrated delivery networks.

What makes Contracts Manager so special?

It is super easy to use. The modern user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and the advanced search functionality makes it very easy to find contracts. Also, the ability to work separately on each contract, addendum, and schedule and then “stitch” everything together into one single PDF document is a key value add.

You can also link contracts with relevant policies in PolicyMedical’s PolicyManager™ and with the integration of PolicyMedical’s Integrity Manager you can conduct real-time monitoring of Business Associates including exclusions and sanctions screening across Federal and State databases.

How do I calculate the ROI of Contracts Manager?

You will immediately realize a significant reduction in overall contract lifecycle management efforts especially if you are moving from a manual paper-based approach to automating your workflows. We estimate an 80% reduction in the efforts required by supply chain, materials management and procurement staff from requests, to creation, to the filing of contracts.

What is included with support?

The annual fee of our Contracts Manager software includes:

  • Contracts Manager enterprise-wide license
  • Phone and email support with PolicyMedical’s North American based Client Success team
  • Remote-based support (such as WebEx or VPN)
  • Customer Support Portal available online 24/7
  • All updates and upgrades to the PolicyManager software, as well as server maintenance
  • Access to PolicyMedical client webinar learning sessions

How long does it take to implement?

On average, the onboarding process takes 6 – 8  weeks. The time for implementation can vary depending on the size of the rollout and client preferences. For example, a very conservative client may wish to have a longer pilot phase, extending the implementation time overall. On average, for an enterprise-wide rollout, the time to implement is typically between 6 – 8 weeks.

How much does Contracts Manager cost?

Unlike other competitor solutions, Contracts Manager is priced very cost-effectively even for the most stringent budgets.

Cost for the system can vary depending on the number of full-time employees and the amount of training and interfaces required. Our pricing model is based on full-time employees. To get an actual figure for you, typically we go through a proposal process where we have a quick discussion about your current process, full project scope and needs analysis, and interface requirements, so that we can provide you with a detailed proposal with bottom-line amounts.

Are there additional fees for implementation and training?

Yes, there is a one-time fee for implementation and training. Our Client Success Team works with all new clients to help set-up and configure the system to run efficiently and to help ensure a smooth transition from their existing system to our software. We offer both online and onsite training options for our audience members, depending on their specific needs. The one-time fee is dependent on factors such as the size of the organization, number of facilities, and number of users that require training.

Does PolicyMedical offer other software products?

Yes – we do. PolicyMedical is 100% focused on bringing health and happiness to the healthcare community through our governance, risk and regulatory compliance software solutions – PolicyManager, Contracts Manager, and Integrity Manager.

Our solutions help healthcare organizations automate and streamline their policy, contract, vendor management – all in the quest to avoid costly fines, audits and to meet regulatory compliance.

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