Is PolicyManager™ cloud-based?

Yes, PolicyManager is a cloud-based software solution. No hardware is required.

Can I set up different permissions for different roles within our facility?

Yes, PolicyManager enables you to set up three different roles – general user, registered user and system administrator – with different permissions per role.

Does the system allow for keyword searching?

Yes. Currently keyword searching is available on the Home Page for General Users as well as the search tool for Registered Users and System Administrators. There is also an Advanced Search feature which allows a more granular search (eg. policy numbers, title of document, etc).

Does the system provide the ability to conduct searches on specific policies?

Yes, PolicyManager includes advanced search functionality similar to Google. You can search on specific words, terms, phrases and metadata. The entire database or the online centralized policy library will be searched and the results will appear on the screen similar to the how Google search results appear.

Does your system link to Microsoft Active Directory for Single Sign-on?

Yes. The Single Sign-on interface can link to Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP or SAML integration

Does the system integrate with Outlook or GroupWise for email?

Yes. Standard email systems that we link to are Groupwise, Outlook and Notes mail.

What are the server/technical requirements to run the application?

PolicyManager is a web-based SaaS solution. There are no additional hardware requirements or server maintenance needed from our clients. The system is simply accessed through a web browser. If you would like further details, please contact us and we can send you some technical specifications that list out all minimum requirements.

If a regulation changes, will the system automatically notify users of the change?

Yes, PolicyManager will send an email notification that lets users know of the change and the policies affected by the change.

Can I attach files with the policies?

Yes, you can map videos, images, external websites, Word, Excel and PDF documents to policies.

Can I link to other 3rd party applications?

Yes. Many of our customers link to 3rd party systems like their Learning Management Systems (LMS). We have also expanded our interfaces to include integration with Elsevier Clinical Skills.

Can you assign attestation to all users or specific groups of users?

Yes. If a policy update or new policy has been uploaded in PolicyManager, you can assign certain departments or facilities to confirm they have read the document. You can also prompt them to provide a digital signature thus, confirming that they have read and understood the policy.

How can I see the product interface?

We would be happy to schedule a short demo with you. Complete the demo request form and we will set up a free no obligation demo so you can see PolicyManager in action.

Does PolicyManager support digital signatures?

Yes. Staff can insert digital signatures as part of the approval process for policies.

Are there security features integrated into PolicyManager?

Yes there are security features integrated that prevent end users from changing or editing policies.

Is integration with Microsoft Word and cloud-based applications like Dropbox and Box available?

Yes, Microsoft Word is integrated with PolicyManager along with seamless integration with Dropbox and Box making the transition of documents faster and easier.

Does PolicyManager include a regulatory or standards interface?

Yes, PolicyManager provides a seamless interface to regulatory bodies such as The Joint Commission, DNV GL, HFAP, and CAP.  PolicyMedical’s Regulatory & Standards Manager enables you to directly link or crosswalk policies created in PolicyManager with the specific regulatory standard. You can set up email alerts to be notified when standards are updated, and which policies are affected.

Can you see the actual names of individuals who have reviewed documents?

Yes, you can see the names of departmental and registered users who have viewed policies.

Does PolicyManager support unlimited number of users?

Yes, PolicyManager is a very flexible software solution that easily scales from small to enterprise-class environments PolicyMedical works with more 3000 organizations ranging some small regional healthcare facilities to large healthcare integrated delivery networks.

Can I customize workflows in PolicyManager that align with our corporate workflows?

Yes, the workflows in PolicyManager are dynamic and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Can I link to evidence-based content from PolicyManager?

Yes, you can hyperlink policies created in PolicyManager to your evidence-based content.  Or vice versa. You can add hyperlinks to policies in your evidence-based content system.  PolicyMedical does have a strategic partnership with Elsevier and has clients that use both PolicyManager and Elsevier Clinical Skills. If you would like to speak to any of these clients to discuss how they use cross-reference content from PolicyManager and Clinical Skills, please send us an email at We would be happy to make introductions for you.

Is PolicyManager compatible with SharePoint?

Yes. Microsoft SharePoint is integrated with PolicyManager.

Does PolicyManager include a share feature that enables corporate to share policies with multiple sites?

Yes, PolicyManager allows the circulation of policies from corporate to multiple sites through the auto-circulation feature. Facilities that leverage auto-circulate ensure that everyone system-wide is implementing the same policies to maintain compliance with CMS regulations.

With PolicyManager, can I save my policy templates for re-use or sharing system-wide?

Yes, PolicyManager enables users to make best practice templates available to other sites through the Document Template Exchange Server. The user can access and download templates to maintain consistency, minimize errors and duplication of efforts and realize huge productivity gains. For example, you can create your own HIPAA Policies & Procedures templates with your unique folder structure such as IT, Security, PHI, etc. and share with others at remote sites.

What makes PolicyManager so special?

It is super easy to use. The modern user friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and the advanced Google-like search functionality makes it very easy to find policies through keyword searches. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

How do I calculate the ROI of PolicyManager?

You will immediately realize a 25 – 50% reduction in the efforts required by hospital staff to find, view and manage policies. For specific operational cost reductions as well as other areas of productivity improvements, check out this blog post.

What is included with support?

The annual fee of our PolicyManager™ software includes:

  • PolicyManager enterprise wide license
  • Phone and email support with PolicyMedical’s Client Success team
  • Remote-based support (such as WebEx or VPN)
  • Customer Support Portal available online 24/7
  • All updates and upgrades to the PolicyManager software, as well as server maintenance
  • Access to PolicyMedical client webinar learning sessions

How long does it take to implement?

On average, the on boarding process takes 10-15 weeks. The time for implementation can vary depending on the size of the rollout and client preferences. For example, a very conservative client may wish to have a longer pilot phase, extending the implementation time overall. On average, for an enterprise-wide rollout, the time to implement is typically between 10-15 weeks.

How much does PolicyManager cost?

Cost for the system can vary depending on the number of full-time employees, amount of training and interfaces required. Our pricing model is based on full time employees. To get an actual figure for you, typically we go through a proposal process where we have a quick discussion about your current process, full project scope and needs analysis, and interface requirements, so that we can provide you with a detailed proposal with bottom-line amounts.

Are there additional fees for implementation and training?

Yes, there is a one-time fee for implementation and training. Our Client Success Team works with all new clients to help set-up and configure the system to run efficiently and to help ensure a smooth transition from their existing system to our software. We offer both online and onsite training options for our audience members, depending on their specific needs. The one-time fee is dependent on factors such as the size of the organization, number of facilities, and number of users that require training.

How is PolicyManager different from SharePoint?

PolicyManager is more than a generic browser-based collaboration and document management platform. PolicyManager was designed for healthcare policy management and includes many features such as crosswalking policies to regulatory bodies making the entire policy management process easier for healthcare professionals to keep up-to-date with legislation changes and accreditation.

PolicyManager also includes many other features such as:

  • enables you to manage document versions
  • receive alerts on policies that are due for renewal
  • embed and attach Word, PowerPoint, PDF and website links to policies  
  • confirm through attestation that staff have reviewed policies

Is it possible to manage contracts in PolicyManager?

PolicyMedical offers a cloud-based software solution called Contracts Manager which integrates with PolicyManager enabling you to leverage a seamless single sign-on to manage your policies and contracts in one integrated solution.

Does PolicyMedical offer other software products?

Yes – we do. PolicyMedical is 100% focused on bringing health and happiness to the healthcare community through our software solutions – PolicyManager, Contracts Manager and Integrity Manager.

Our solutions help healthcare organizations automate and streamline their policy, contract, talent and vendor management – all in the quest to avoid costly fines, audits and to meet regulatory compliance.

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