North Central Surgical Center

Layne and Stephen give us their candid responses on what they thought about the training process at PolicyMedical.

Kindred Healthcare

Ted, Ron, and Kathy sit down with us to talk about the simplicity and easy-to-use functionality of the PolicyManager™ application.

Houston Northwest Medical Center

Jim and Pam discuss the PolicyManager™ implementation process and what they liked about the training.

Kensington Health

Leah and Anna sit down with Melaine and talk about the positive changes PolicyManager™ has affected at Kensington Health.


System Director, Arlo, shares her favorite PolicyManager™ feature, and shares her thoughts on the training process and areas of improvement.

Baylor Scott & White Health

Delores and Donna chat about the implementation process, on-site training sessions, and the benefits of our software solutions.

Permian Regional Medical Center

A candid chat with the Permian Regional Medical Center implementation team about the training process with PolicyMedical.

UNM Medical Group

Yusuf gets feedback from a few of the UNM Medical Group team members about their experience with the onsite training provided by PolicyMedical.

Schlegel Villages

We sit down with Silvia and Jaimie and they share why they switched to PolicyManager™ for their policy management software.

Hawkesbury & District General Hospital

Andree and Brigitte sat down with us to discuss how they think PolicyManager™ can help their organization.

Good Shepherd Health System

Yusuf chats with Amanda, Julie and Missy about their thoughts on the PolicyManager™ implementation process.

Hospital for Special Surgery

Val gives us her perspective on using the PolicyManager™ application and her interactions with the PolicyMedical team.

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