Integrity Manager is the only comprehensive risk, security and compliance solution for covered entities, business associates, vendors and employees, it enables CISOs, Quality, Risk and Compliance professionals to automate and streamline continuous integrity checks and audits associated with diagnosing, curing and protecting security and compliance risks in real time. The solution enables healthcare organizations to avoid costly fines and penalties while improving operational efficiencies, reducing administrative burden and maintain a global view of all your vendors/BAs and their risk profiles.

To help your healthcare organization make an informed decision about your business associate and vendor management software needs, we set out to answer the top questions we have received about our Integrity Manager solution.


Integrity Manager Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it necessary to screen all of my business associates, contractors, vendors and employees?

Yes. It is a best practice to screen all new hires and entities ( business associates, contractors, subcontractors, and third party vendors) on a continuous basis. The impact of an exclusion extends well beyond an individual or entity and is applicable for anyone who employs them while receiving government funds.

What is an OIG exclusion?

The OIG has the authority to exclude all individuals and entities from Federally funded healthcare programs and maintains a list of all currently excluded individuals or entities call the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE). The OIG also indicates that anyone that hires an individual or entity on the LEIE may be subject to civil monetary penalties (CMP).

What is a sanctions list?

A sanctions list outlines the names of individuals or entities who are barred from federal healthcare programs.  The purpose of the list is to make it easier for employers to avoid hiring sanctioned individuals.  There are two most commonly lists – the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), and the Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems (FACIS).

Why are exclusions imposed?

There are various reasons for exclusions to be imposed. The OIG has two classifications for exclusions  –  mandatory and permissive.

Mandatory exclusions exclude the participation of all Federal Healthcare programs individuals and entities convicted of criminal offenses relating to theft, fraud and financial misconduct. For a complete list of the criminal offenses check out the OIG website.

Permissive exclusions exclude individuals and entities on a number of grounds including misdemeanor convictions related to health care fraud other than Medicare or State health program, fraud in a program (other than healthcare) funded by any Federal, State or local government agency.  For a complete list of the permissive exclusions check out the OIG website.

What happens if I submit a claim to Medicare, Medicaid or another program for services performed by an vendor or employee that appears on the exclusion list?

No payment will be provided for any of the items or services furnished, ordered or prescribed by an excluded employee, individual, vendor or entity.

What happens if I am doing business with a vendor or business associate listed on the exclusions and/or sanctions list?

The penalties for conducting business with individuals or organizations excluded or sanctioned can be severe and can range from costly fines to personal jail time.  OIG fines can be up to $ 11,000.00 per claim.

Does Integrity Manager provide real-time checking of the exclusions lists?

Yes, Integrity Manager is a software solution that automates the entire OIG screening, exclusion checking, and employee background screening.  The solution enables you to conduct real-time continuous checking of the Federal and State exclusion lists.  

The real-time checking enables you to onboard new entities and new hires quickly and efficiently.  No need to wait days or weeks to find out if new hires are on a exclusion list, you can be notified within minutes.

If an individual or entity is on the sanctions or exclusions list or have a criminal record will I be notified?

Yes, Integrity Manager automates and streamlines the process of checking all available sanctions and exclusions databases and will send a text message or email alert when an individual or vendor has been flagged as being on the list.  This information will also be indicated on the web-based dashboard. The reasons for the exclusion will also be included so you can take appropriate action.

Does Integrity Manager include a regulatory or standards interface?

Yes, Integrity Manager provides seamless access to 37 State Exclusion lists and Federal lists – FDA, LEIE, SAM, and OFAC.

Is Integrity Manager cloud-based?

Yes, Integrity Manager is a cloud-based software solution. No hardware is required.

Is Integrity Manager mobile friendly?

Yes. You can easily access the web-based dashboard from anywhere anytime on any mobile device.

Does the system provide email alerts and reporting?

Yes. Integrity Manager provides real-time alerts to your desktop and/or mobile device and reporting is available.

What are the server/technical requirements to run the application?

Integrity Manager is a web-based SaaS solution. There are no additional hardware requirements or server maintenance needed from our clients. The system is simply accessed through a web browser. If you would like further details, please contact us and we can send you some technical specifications that list out all minimum requirements.

Can Integrity Manager be integrated with third party applications?

Yes – the solution can integrate with HR Systems and Contract Management Systems.

How can I see the product interface?

We would be happy to schedule a short demo with you. Complete the demo request form and we will set up a free no obligation demo so you can see Integrity Manager in action.

How many users can Integrity Manager support?

Integrity Manager can support an unlimited number of users to allow for flexibility and easy scalability for small to enterprise-class environments. Multiple departments and users can have access to Integrity Manager enabling you to eliminate communication barriers across business units/departments.  

What makes Integrity Manager so special?

It is super easy to use and the only solution of its kind designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The modern user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly identify business associates, contracts, third party vendors and employees who have been excluded or sanctioned and could be putting your organization at risk. The web-based exceptions dashboard includes color coding for at-a-glance identification of issues that need your immediate attention. You also have the ability to double click to see the reason individuals or organizations are flagged.  

What is included with support?

The annual fee of our Integrity Manager software includes:

  • Integrity Manager enterprise-wide license
  • Phone and email support with PolicyMedical’s North American Client Success team
  • Remote-based support (such as WebEx or VPN)
  • Customer Support Portal available online 24/7
  • All updates and upgrades to the Integrity Manager software, as well as server maintenance
  • Access to PolicyMedical client webinar learning sessions

How long does it take to implement?

On average, the onboarding process takes approx. 3 to 4 weeks. You can be realizing ROI in less than 90 days.  

How much does Integrity Manager cost?

Pricing is subscription-based. There is an annual fee per vendor for sanctions checking and an annual fee per vendor for risk assessments. To get an actual figure for you, typically we go through a proposal process where we have a quick discussion about your current process, full project scope and needs analysis, and interface requirements, so that we can provide you with a detailed proposal with bottom-line amounts.

Are there additional fees for implementation and training?

Yes, there is a one-time fee for implementation and training. Our Client Success Team works with all new clients to help set-up and configure the system to run efficiently and to help ensure a smooth transition from their existing system to our software. We offer both online and onsite training options for our audience members, depending on their specific needs. The one-time fee is dependent on factors such as the size of the organization, number of facilities, and number of users that require training.

How is Integrity Manager different from other products available in the market?

Integrity Manager is part of a unified healthcare compliance and risk management software solution designed for healthcare.  The suite includes policy and procedure management as well as contract lifecycle management. The products can be used as standalone or integrated enabling you to conduct business with one vendor, one North American-based support team and one solution for all of your risk mitigation needs.

There are a number of point solutions available in the market today to conduct OIG screening, sanction checking and/or employee background checks, however, unlike other solutions Integrity Manager is the only comprehensive solution that can automate all business associate, contractor, third party vendor, subcontractor and employee background checks leveraging one web-based dashboard.

Integrity Manager provides:

  • Real-time, automated and continuous monitoring across multiple databases
  • Regular monitoring of all federal and state exclusions databases
  • A rich library of reports enables visibility into current vendor risk profile and exposure from fines and penalties at the click of a mouse

Does PolicyMedical offer other software products?

Yes – we do. PolicyMedical is 100% focused on bringing health and happiness to the healthcare community through our software solutions – PolicyManager, Contracts Manager and Integrity Manager.

Trusted by more than 3000 healthcare organizations, our solutions help healthcare organizations automate and streamline their policy management, contract management, employee, vendor and business associate management – all in the quest to avoid data breaches, fines, audits and to meet regulatory compliance.

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