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Lessons from Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital: Client Best Practices for Policy Management Software

Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital representative, Kevin Meek, hosted a webinar along with one of our Client Success Specialists on Client Best Practices for Policy Management Software this past month, and it was a huge success! The feedback we received from attendees was that hearing how another healthcare organization uses their policy management software was…

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The Biggest Danger To Healthcare Data Security In 2016

Recently, there have been many concerns surrounding healthcare data security. With the amount of breaches that occurred in the past year, it is not a surprise that there have been numerous concerns being voiced in the healthcare industry. However, considering the lack of competitive security measures being practiced in the industry, many professionals and workers…

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How Hospital Contract Management Has Changed Over The Years

With the technological realm on the rise and constantly evolving, it is no surprise that it has a great influence on the healthcare industry as well. In fact, the way healthcare facilities manage their contracts and documents is radically changing as more and more facilities are adopting the digital phenomenon of virtually creating and organizing…