Better Living Health and Community Services [Case Study]

Prior to 2012, Better Living had always used a manual system for policy management. Policies were located in binders, which were housed in every office, at every site throughout the community. There was no standard policy review and approval process; policies were only reviewed and updated when issues arose. Now, on a day-to-day basis, PolicyManager is used primarily for accessing policies, collaborating on the creation of new policies, and reviewing and updating existing policies. “The system helps ensure that people have access to documents that are updated and contain correct information.” Kristen concludes, “The new system keeps staff on top of their processes and practices, and helps them stay engaged.”


Integrity Manager

Integrity Manager [Video]

What is Integrity Manager?   Put simply, Integrity Manager is healthcare risk management monitoring software. It provides real-time data surveillance for exclusions/sanctions and credentials checking of vendors/business associates, and employees/contract workers. Integrity Manager is the only comprehensive risk, security and compliance solution for covered entities, business associates, vendors, and employees. It enables CISOs, Quality, Risk…



Mountain States Health Alliance [Case Study]

Mountain States Health Alliance were using a combination of paper manuals and a homegrown electronic site. This process proved to be cumbersome, inefficient and often resulted in duplicated policies in different departments. Since implementing PolicyManager in 2006, Mountain States Health Alliance has enjoyed many of the robust features and functionality it has added to their policy management and procedure processes. Most of all, with improved document and version control, the organization appreciates how the software has effectively eliminated the guesswork that has allowed staff to act swiftly and with certainty.


Meeting CMS Conditions of Participation

Approaches to Meeting CMS Conditions of Participation [Webinar]

In this webinar, we discuss with Dignity Health effective approaches to successfully meeting the ongoing challenges of complying with CMS Conditions of Participation (CoP). Moderator:  Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, MD, MPH, M.Sc., Chief Medical Officer, PolicyMedical Panelists: Sandra Mugg, Senior Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Dignity Health, Lauren Krikke, Enterprise Project Manager, Dignity Health, and Brenna Yaekle, Manager IT…


best practices for policies and procedures

Best Practices For Policies and Procedures Management [White Paper]

What are the best practices for policies and procedures management? Policy management software is known for bringing much-needed order to the typical chaos associated with managing policies. That said, there can always be ways to better utilize the software and thus, make policy management easier.   This Best Practices For Policies and Procedures Management Whitepaper…


healthcare policy management

Healthcare Policy Management Software RFP [eGuide]

Get your Healthcare Policy Management Software RFP Guide Now Many organizations struggle when it comes to developing an effective request for proposal (RFP) that thoroughly addresses all of the questions required to make the best business decision.  Often critical questions are omitted which can lead to scope creep throughout the process or timelines are not…


healthcare policy management software

Healthcare Policy Management Software RFP Excel Worksheet

Download this complimentary pre-populated Healthcare Policy Management Software RFP Excel Worksheet to accelerate your time to selection. The worksheet contains a comprehensive list of recommended questions to include in your RFP.   Healthcare Policy Management Software RFP Excel Worksheet This worksheet is for the time-starved healthcare administrators who have the daunting task of writing and executing the request for…


minimize the risk

Minimize the Risk of Third Parties and Contractors [On-demand Webinar]

Your hospital deals with hundreds—maybe thousands—of contract workers, and third party vendors, which is pretty impressive. You know as well as we do just how vital every vendor is to ensuring your organization runs smoothly. But, the more manpower that comes onboard comes great risk as well. This is why it is vital, not only for the safety of your patients but your entire organization, to assess third party vendors, and contract workers for any associated risks in terms of background or status from the beginning and beyond. Doing so can save your organization millions in legal fees and fines. But how do you minimize the risk?


Denials, Recoupments, and Overpayments – Best Practices to Deploy [On-demand Webinar]

Healthcare and compliance experts Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, Chief Medical Officer at PolicyMedical, hosted a webinar with guests Nathan Maggard, Co-Founder at Compliance PT, and Brian Panessa, CEO at Compliance PT, for a one-hour long webinar on Denials, Recoupments, and Overpayments – Best Practices to Deploy.     Denials, Recoupments, and Overpayments – Best Practices to…


policy management software

Lessons from Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital: Client Best Practices for Policy Management Software [On-demand Webinar]

Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital representative, Kevin Meek, hosted a webinar along with one of our Client Success Specialists on Client Best Practices for Policy Management Software this past month, and it was a huge success! The feedback we received from attendees was that hearing how another healthcare organization uses their policy management software was…


healthcare workers

10 Ways To Stay Healthy For Healthcare Workers

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, we have constantly recognized the irony of its workers often failing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as many of the healthcare workers have serious responsibilities, which often get the best of them. With that said, we have witnessed several healthcare…


Healthcare Policy Management Software

Healthcare Policy Management Software User Experience

Leading policy and procedure management software providers in the healthcare industry are those that ensure an excellent user experience for each user of the management system and pursue to constantly improve their offerings’ UX. Through our several interactions over the years with healthcare users, based on their feedbacks and queries, we have managed to sum…