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Best Practices for Naming Hospital Policies [Webinar]

Join Terri Ziehlke, Director of Professional Practice/Education, Abrazo Community Health Network and Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Product Strategist, PolicyMedical as they discuss the importance of policy naming and the positive impact that using the right nomenclature can have on your organization from an accreditation, patient safety, and operational perspective.


enhance hospital operations

5 Ways to Enhance Hospital Operations

With growing healthcare rules and regulations to follow, old, unintuitive systems hospitals use are simply not cutting it anymore. An automated policy and procedure management system can go a long way in helping you uncover efficiencies, streamline workflow, and improve ROI. Here are 5 Ways to Enhance Hospital Operations at your facility


Contracts Manager [Video]

Contracts Manager ™ enables Healthcare Administrators, Managers and Supply Chain professionals to quickly create or import contracts, manage them, and store them securely where they can be searched, analyzed and organized. With no limitations, the solution allows healthcare organizations to upload or create as many documents as necessary and store them as long as required. Automating and streamlining contract management workflows improves visibility to reduce financial risk, adhere to regulatory requirements from oversight agencies and optimize operational efficiencies.


Job Description Manager

Optimizing Talent Management with Job Description Manager [Webinar]

In this webinar, Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Product Strategist, PolicyMedical, will reveal how you can establish an enterprise-wide electronic library of all descriptions for job roles and responsibilities and link to associated resources/documents. He will also review how you can optimize accreditation and compliance readiness by aligning job descriptions with policies and procedures.


strengthen third-party risk management

Strengthen Third-Party Vendor Risk Management [Webinar]

Learn how deploying a SaaS-based enterprise-wide solution that can automatically check and validate the integrity of your third-party business associates, vendors, contractors and medical staff in real-time across multiple state and federal databases eliminate the risk of costly fines, penalties and reputational shame.



PolicyManager® [Video]

PolicyManager ™ is a comprehensive policy management software built with your workflow processes in mind. It enables healthcare professionals to access the right documents anywhere, anytime in seconds. With PolicyManager, staff can spend less time trying to locate policies at point-of-care, reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. To learn more, watch this informative video.


Healthcare Vendor and Credentialing Solution

How to Choose a Healthcare Vendor and Credentialing Solution

In the healthcare world, we’re no strangers to data breaches. In fact, the healthcare industry has the largest percentage of breaches compared to any other industry. As such, a growing number of rules, regulations and fines have been borne out of it. This is where a real-time vendor and credentialing tool can help keep your organization safe. With so many people coming and going, you want to ensure that every vendor, employee, and contractor that enter your doors is in good standing.


hospital for special surgery

Hospital for Special Surgery [Case Study]

When the Hospital for Special Surgery decided to implement a new EMR system in 2014, they wanted to take the time to review their processes. Recognizing that their current paper process was ineffective, they saw it as a necessity to improve upon their organizational methodologies. In particular, HSS looked to transform their inpatient and outpatient experiences. As such, they asked the Operational Excellence (OE) team to spearhead the task at hand and lead transformation efforts around the enterprise. Not only did OE help lead the project but they also engaged many disciplines throughout the hospital including nursing, physician assistants, and physical therapy.


Healthcare cyber breach

The Cost of a Healthcare Cyber Breach [Infographic]

Over the years, our lives have been made increasingly more convenient with technology. But as exciting as the digital age has been and continues to be as its reach expands, it has also brought with it a slew of possible security risks. Every sign-up, every click, every email acts as a potential window into our lives and makes us and, worse yet, everyone in our organization vulnerable to a possible attack.


Taking Control of Healthcare Contracts

Taking Control of Healthcare Contracts [Webinar]

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear firsthand how LCMC Health, a Louisiana-based, not-for-profit healthcare system, automated and centralized their contract management processes to enable visibility into all contracts system-wide, avoid missing renewal dates and improve negotiating power. Click to learn more.


clinical errors

Reduce clinical errors by deploying an automated policy & procedure management solution integrated with evidence-based content [Webinar]

Reduce clinical errors by deploying an automated policy & procedure management solution integrated with evidence-based content This on-demand webinar will address how you can access evidence-based content directly within your healthcare policies and procedures at the time of patient care so that you may reduce clinical errors. Dr. Kumar will provide examples of how you…