Olean General Hospital [Case Study]

Knowing their homegrown system no longer met their needs, Olean General Hospital began the search for a web-based solution that offered a centralized repository with version control, auto-circulation, advanced search capabilities, built-in dynamic workflows, and email alerts for policy owners.


How to Eliminate Compliance Roadblocks [Webinar]

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear firsthand how Camden Coalition and Laser Spine Institute have overcome compliance roadblocks by driving adoption for their compliance programs through effective communications, attestation, user training and standardizing policies and procedures.


6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Healthcare Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures provide an organization with the clarity it needs to run efficiently day-to-day by streamlining internal processes, ensure staff act in compliance with laws and regulations, and offer guidance for informed decision-making. This is why organizations can’t risk making mistakes. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid.


Starting Out as Compliance Officer

Creating a culture of compliance can be a daunting task. Being a Compliance Officer in a heavily regulated volatile industry like Healthcare can be exciting and scary at the same time. With regulatory standards changing daily keeping staff in compliance can be challenging. This guide outlines five proven steps to success.


St. Anthony Medical Center [Case Study]

An aging intranet system and a growing organization made St. Anthony’s Medical Center review the way in which they managed their policies and procedures. What came of it all was far more than what they had imagined!


Larkin Community Hospital [Case Study]

In 2009, Larkin Hospital committed themselves to be an educational organization. They shifted their focus to education and began to build, grow, and expand outside their main campus, with that came more policies and procedures, as well as more staff to disseminate the information to.


healthcare contract management compliance

LCMC Health [Case Study]

When LCMC found that poor visibility of contracts across all facilities meant that they were missing out on potential saving opportunities with negotiating power in leveraged volume, they turned to PolicyMedical’s Contracts Manager for help.


hospital policies

Best Practices for Naming Hospital Policies [Webinar]

Join Terri Ziehlke, Director of Professional Practice/Education, Abrazo Community Health Network and Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Product Strategist, PolicyMedical as they discuss the importance of policy naming and the positive impact that using the right nomenclature can have on your organization from an accreditation, patient safety, and operational perspective.


enhance hospital operations

5 Ways to Enhance Hospital Operations

With growing healthcare rules and regulations to follow, old, unintuitive systems hospitals use are simply not cutting it anymore. An automated policy and procedure management system can go a long way in helping you uncover efficiencies, streamline workflow, and improve ROI. Here are 5 Ways to Enhance Hospital Operations at your facility


Contracts Manager [Video]

Contracts Manager ™ enables Healthcare Administrators, Managers and Supply Chain professionals to quickly create or import contracts, manage them, and store them securely where they can be searched, analyzed and organized. With no limitations, the solution allows healthcare organizations to upload or create as many documents as necessary and store them as long as required. Automating and streamlining contract management workflows improves visibility to reduce financial risk, adhere to regulatory requirements from oversight agencies and optimize operational efficiencies.


Job Description Manager

Optimizing Talent Management with Job Description Manager [Webinar]

In this webinar, Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Product Strategist, PolicyMedical, will reveal how you can establish an enterprise-wide electronic library of all descriptions for job roles and responsibilities and link to associated resources/documents. He will also review how you can optimize accreditation and compliance readiness by aligning job descriptions with policies and procedures.