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3 Ways Contract Management Can Improve Healthcare Compliance121

Maintaining compliance can be difficult. Even more so when you don’t have all the information you should. Contract management, for example, is often looked at as simple paper pushing and filing, but seldom is it considered as a tool for compliance. A part of achieving compliance is looking for opportunities from all corners, including the…


Write consistent Policies and Procedures

How to Write Consistent Policies and Procedures

Often times in healthcare, writing policies and procedures involves a team of people, including stakeholders. The problem is that with so many people and respective opinions involved, things tend to get tricky. So, what can be do to ensure that organizations can achieve consistency when it comes to writing policies and procedures. Well, you may…


Accreditation Readiness

How to Achieve Accreditation Readiness

The accreditation process can be a lot of work, but in the end can be incredibly beneficial for your brand as it gives it credibility. Ultimately, it signals to potential patients and employees that your organization is a reputable place to go. Beyond this, accreditation ensures employees are competent with necessary skills and are acting…


3 Ways Technology is Changing the Healthcare System

The rapid development of technology is especially evident in the healthcare sector. The adoption of new technology has changed the way things are done in many areas of the health care system, both by patients and professionals. Consider three significant ways that technology is changing the health care system:   Technology allows for improved efficiency…


starting as a compliance officer

Starting Out as a Compliance Officer: 5 Proven Steps to Success

OK, so you just go promoted to Compliance Officer or you just landed a new job as a Compliance Officer. Either way, you’re super excited.  Can’t wait to tell your friends, family, coworkers. You’ve worked hard, put in your time, continued to develop your skills and knowledge over the years. You deserve this promotion! And…


Most Common Healthcare Policy Writing Mistake

We don’t have to tell you again, but for the sake of being absolutely clear, policies and procedures are the backbone to a properly run hospital. They provide an organization with the clarity it needs to run efficiently day to day by streamlining internal processes. But often times, we make mistakes when writing policies. This…


healthcare compliance roadblocks

5 Common Healthcare Compliance Roadblocks

Policies and procedures play an integral part of every hospital–or at least they should. Together, they provide an organization with the clarity it needs to run smoothly day-to-day by streamlining processes. Beyond this, these policies and procedures offer guidance for informed decision making by supporting compliance. I know nothing I just said is particularly earth-shattering.…


healthcare risk manager

Top 5 Priorities for Healthcare Risk Managers

Being a hospital Risk Manager carries an enormous amount of responsibility. Risk Managers work tirelessly to proactively prevent situations that can result in losses, harm or liability. These risks can include patient privacy breaches, medical errors, hazardous conditions, financial and personal liability and non-compliance with governing healthcare agencies such as the OIG and Medicare. In…


Compliance Due Diligence for Smart Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions

With the pressure to lower costs and adapt to a more value-based model, it’s no surprise that mergers & acquisitions continue to impact the healthcare industry.  The industry has been steeped with M&A activity for more than a year now. New M&A announcements invade our inbox weekly. As hospitals and healthcare systems strive to enhance…


Healthcare Contracts Management KPI

3 Contract Management KPIs You Should Be Looking For

Contract management isn’t exactly something to write home about, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it any attention. They’re integral to an organization, in the way it’s run and protects them by ensuring agreements are met. The truth of the matter is that they do so much more, and if you look in the…


Healthcare Contracts and Compliance

The Relationship Between Healthcare Contract Management and Compliance

We don’t have to tell you that over the past few years, the healthcare industry has witnessed its fair share of increasing state and federal regulations. As these regulations and the expectations of hospital staff grow, it’s important that organizations take steps to improve compliance in all areas, including healthcare contract management. An obvious step…


Healthcare Contracts Management

How Hospitals Can Save Money With Contracts Management

Healthcare contract lifecycle management can seem pretty cut and dry but, there’s actually more than meets the eye. In fact, in an independent study conducted by the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), suggested that poor contract management can cost organizations as much as 9% of their annual revenue. A pretty significant amount…


Improve Healthcare Quality of Care

3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Quality of Care

Time and time again we hear of the importance of quality of care in our hospitals. However, what everyone needs to know is that quality of care goes beyond simply ensuring our patients get the proper level of help when they’re in our facilities. Because as we all know, low-quality healthcare in the long-term costs…


healthcare compliance officer

3 Things Every Healthcare Compliance Professional Should Be Doing

The healthcare compliance world can be tricky to navigate, especially when you consider how quickly it can change. Afterall, change in the compliance world is a natural occurrence as we continually work to make healthcare better, safer, and more accessible. So, the question then is, what can you as a compliance professional do to ensure…