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Best Practices for Contract Management in Healthcare

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all of your contracts? It’s a common problem in hospitals and healthcare organizations across the world. To eliminate the guess work and help your organization streamline processes such as contract management, policy management, educational materials, and clinical order sets, Policy Medical has developed a 5-part series…


Policy and Procedure Management

Best Practices: Policy and Procedure Management

Welcome to part one of our five part series on Best Practices. This installment is Best Practices: Policy and Procedure Management. Over the next several weeks we’ll release best practices for managing your healthcare documents including policies, contracts, educational materials, and clinical order sets. We understand that for many organization’s it’s a tough starting point, knowing…


Electronic Clinical Order Sets

The Importance of Electronic Clinical Order Sets for Patient Safety

Clinical order sets are one tool in the clinician’s toolbox for ensuring patient safety and reducing risk. What exactly is a Clinical Order set you ask? It is a pre-defined template that provides support in making clinical decisions for a specific condition or medical procedure. Simply put, it guides a clinician while treating a patient…


Review of the Best Hospital Policy Management Software Vendors

I was visiting a prospective hospital client recently in New York. The VP of Quality, whose job it was to part with significant capital dollars for hospital policy management software, asked me the following questions: “Where is your client support…here or overseas?” “Everything that you showed us today and checked off in our RFP actually…


Celebrating Healthcare Quality

In support of National Healthcare Quality Week Oct 20-25th by the NAHQ (National Association of Healthcare Quality) we asked our employees to get personal about healthcare quality. Our Content Organizer, Jaclyn tells us why she feels it’s important to celebrate healthcare quality. Share with us how you celebrate healthcare quality and what it means to…


healthcare quality

The Importance of Healthcare Quality

In support of National Healthcare Quality Week, Oct 20th – 25th, by the NAHQ (National Association of Healthcare Quality), we asked our employees to get a little personal on the quality of healthcare. Our Client Sucess Manager, Yusuf Rawji, gives us his rundown on why this topic is so important to him in the video…


Should Healthcare Policy Management Software Have A Certification Process

Trends, Changes & Best Practices in Healthcare Quality

Best Practices in Healthcare Quality Looking for trends, changes, and best practices in healthcare quality? We spoke with Cindy Gaddie, President of the Missouri Association of Healthcare Quality at NAHQ 2014 about these hot topics. She outlines the growing trends prevalent during the National Association of Healthcare Quality conference that took place in Nashville this…


New client – Central Vermont Medical Center

Welcome aboard to our newest client, Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC)! CVMC operates a hospital facility with 122 licensed beds, serves a population of 66,000, and employs nearly 1,400 people. More than 25,000 patients are seen annually in CVMC’s Emergency Department and more than 164,000 outpatient treatments including over 3,000 outpatient surgeries are provided. Today,…


How to Assign Policy Management Roles in Your Healthcare Organization

Sometimes, there’s confusion about who should take on certain roles in the policy management process. Often, there isn’t assigned personnel to handle a hospital’s policies, so hospital executives and administrators undergo a haphazard process to find the right individuals. Who should you find to fill certain roles in the policy management process? Here are some…


PolicyMedical to Incorporate Joint Commission Standards

PolicyMedical is excited to announce that Joint Commission standards will soon be available in our PolicyManager system. Specific pieces of these standards and regulations will be easily be attached to relevant healthcare policies. If and when those standards change, you will automatically be alerted, and the corresponding policies can be updated. With this new partnership,…


New Client – St. Tammany Parish Hospital

PolicyMedical would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest client, St. Tammany Parish Hospital. St. Tammany delivers today’s life-improving procedures with the latest technology, high quality and the utmost care to area residents. They have higher quality ratings from The Joint Commission than other hospitals in the region. St. Tammany Parish Hospital will…


Is Your Intranet Good Enough for Policies and Procedures?

On the surface, an organization’s intranet may seem like the perfect location to house policies and procedures. After all, it is accessible to all employees, and when documents are out of date, they can be easily replaced with new versions. However, in today’s healthcare environment, regulations are increasing and compliance is paramount. The intranet lacks…


The Policy Scrubber


PolicyMedical’s Policy Scrubber will help you quickly and easily find and replace unneeded information in existing policies to keep your healthcare policies squeaky clean.

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How to Standardize Your Policy Format

Policy standardization is a major priority for many healthcare organizations. Changes in ownership over the years, or a decentralized policy creation process can lead to inconsistent policy formats. It’s best to achieve a consistent look and feel for your policies, with: – The CORRECT corporate logo/brand, – An appropriate legal disclaimer inserted into the footer…


How to Create a Policy Committee

In order for your Healthcare Organization to achieve its policy management, as well as overall risk, compliance and governance goals, it is important to assemble a policy committee. World class organizations assemble innovative boards of advisors and committees. Professional athletes assemble their dream team of trainers, nutritionists, and coaches. Celebrities have their entourage of personal…