22nd Annual HCCA Compliance Institute: Top Las Vegas Sights and Restaurants Nearby

The HCCA Compliance Institute returns to Las Vegas for its 22nd year from April 15th – 18th, 2018. Attending a large educational conference such as this is exciting on its own – there’s so much to learn and you get the chance to see old colleagues and network with professionals in your industry – but its that much sweeter when that conference is set in a lively city like Las Vegas! To help you make the most of your free time and better navigate the Las Vegas Strip, we’ve put together a list of a few of our can’t-miss Las Vegas sights and attractions and must-eat food spots near the HCCA Compliance Institute conference. Keep reading to find out where to go and what to eat!


Why Having CLIA Requirements Available at Your Fingertips is Important

In the quest to achieve regulatory adherence, more and more hospitals are looking for ways to ensure requirements are integrated into the everyday workflow. CLIA, or the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, is no exception. The responsibility of three federal agencies, CLIA is a set of requirements used to regulate all laboratory testing on human samples.…


Culture of Compliance in Healthcare

Creating a Culture of Compliance in Healthcare

Over the years efforts against fraud and for patient safety have progressed. This is made evident by the growing regulations, as well as the harsher sentencing guidelines. So it comes as no surprise that efforts for creating a culture of compliance in healthcare has and remains a hot topic throughout the industry. Much has been…


healthcare interoperability

Interoperability in Healthcare: To Have or Not to Have

What is Interoperability for Healthcare? 2017 was the year of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and many would say that it’s not over. Healthcare industry pundits predict we will continue to experience mass consolidation as organizations seek competitive advantage. M&A topped the news charts, however, as all the M&A activity was occurring there was another hot…


3 Changes in Healthcare Policies to Be Aware of in 2018

The advancements in science and technology are clearly making life better for many people. Take for instance the traditional patient and doctor consultation. Mobile technology, app development, and other improvements in between have expedited the process and made it better. Modern medical consultation practices such as telemedicine and virtual clinics are becoming more and more…


culture of safety

Trust and Transparency: The Two Ts to a Better Culture of Safety

We are no stranger to rating systems like Leapfrog patient safety grades, and how a failing mark can impact your business. Despite the varied methodologies among these rating programs, patients continue to depend on them to determine the healthcare facility for them. Rightfully so, as the costs in which patients must shoulder are not insignificant.…


Healthcare cyber breach

The Cost of a Healthcare Cyber Breach [Infographic]

Over the years, our lives have been made increasingly more convenient with technology. But as exciting as the digital age has been and continues to be as its reach expands, it has also brought with it a slew of possible security risks. Every sign-up, every click, every email acts as a potential window into our lives and makes us and, worse yet, everyone in our organization vulnerable to a possible attack.


2018 healthcare predictions

2018 Healthcare Predictions

Another year has come and gone, and while we love reminiscing about the past as much as the next person, today we thought we’d look at the year ahead of us. With the new year now upon us, there’s really no time like the present to pause, before we get our engines going, and look…


healthcare webinar

Top 5 Healthcare Webinars of 2017

Another year has come and gone, along with it a year’s worth of fascinating webinars! So, while the year may be coming to an end, rather than say goodbye so quickly, we’re looking back to share some of our favorite webinars we hosted this year. Best yet, each and every one of these is chalked…


healthcare blogs

Top 5 Healthcare Blogs of 2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s already December, and while some of you may be gearing up to bid 2017 adieu, we at PolicyMedical are taking the sentimental route and looking back on our favorite blogs. After all, a part of growing is learning from the past. So here are 5 of our favorite healthcare…


preventing medical errors

Preventing Medical Errors with the ISMP Medication Safety Assessment Tool

Medication errors are one of the most common causes of preventable patient harm in a healthcare organization. The Patient Safety Network (PSN) of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), defines a medication error as “an error (of commission or omission) at any step along the pathway that begins when a clinician prescribes a…


patient experience

Policies and Procedures for Better Patient Experience

More and more, we’re witnessing a shift towards value-based and patient centered models of care in our hospitals. As such, improving patient care has become an increasingly common focus for hospitals from coast to coast. The demand for patient satisfaction is undoubtedly a child born out of the internet age, where everyone is and can…



Lessons From a Decade of mHealth

It’s been 10 years since the term “mHealth” was pegged and started to make its rounds within the healthcare circles. Since then mobile technologies and apps in the healthcare space have, unsurprisingly, grown rapidly. This influx of technology came with great promises, the question being asked now is whether or not it’s lived up to…


mass trauma in healthcare

5 Ways to Prepare for Mass Trauma in Healthcare

It’s tragic that this even needs to be a topic of discussion. However, recent events have made it clear that now more than ever it is a matter that we cannot continue to ignore in healthcare. Unfortunate as it is, the facts are in order to better serve the communities to which they belong, hospitals…