Sanjaya Kumar, MD, M.Sc., MPH

Chief Medical Officer and Product Strategist

Phone- 1-888-697-6331

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Get to know Sanjaya

To give you the opportunity to get to know our staff a little better we sat down and asked them 5 simple questions. Here’s what Sanjaya had to say…


What do you do at PolicyMedical (in a nutshell)?

I work in collaboration with the product development team to continue to evolve our cloud-based platform. Our platform enables our customers to automate and effectively manage specific types of organizational documents such as policies and procedures, vendor contracts, clinical order sets, job descriptions, and the monitoring and tracking of a centralized database of industry specific national/state/accreditation regulations and standards. My primary function is serving the team as a translator – effectively bridging the gap between needs and requirements from the healthcare industry sectors we serve, our clients, gathering their feedback from the use of our application, and the technical team, to be able to develop and deploy the needed capabilities and functions.
I champion the product vision and its overall fit in the evolving healthcare information technology space. As a team, we are constantly looking to further the value of our product with other complementary third-party solutions and/or integration with clinical workflow and established digitized point of care work environments, such as with the increasing use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
From a product standpoint within the domain of centralized document control and management, we strive to be the industry leader and an adopter of innovation that can further the goal of creating a more friendly and efficient work environment for busy clinicians. Our overarching objective is to further the quality of care, mitigate risk and improve upon preventable medical errors, and enhance compliance for the organization.


Why do you like working at PolicyMedical?

One simple answer – the team I work with and my colleagues. Truly we have one of, if not the best, folks working at PolicyMedical. Secondarily, I have pride in knowing that through our work we are making healthcare better and safer.


Where is the best or most interesting place you’ve ever visited?

Hmmm…considering I grew up in two continents and have lived and worked in 3, I must say that Jamaica stands out. I can be myself. Free with no worry mon!


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spending time with my family and taking time out for myself.


My greatest achievement is…

I would consider my greatest achievement to date to be having founded the company, Quantros. Back in 1998 it was the first private cloud-based data management and analytics platform in the healthcare industry that addressed tracking and monitoring of quality of care provided to patients, patient safety issues, and compliance with standards of care. Serving over 2000 plus hospitals in the United States, Quantros exited to a private equity firm in 2010. Having established Quantros it gave me great satisfaction in knowing that we addressed and impacted healthcare quality measurement and saving lives from preventable medical errors.