Saud Juman

CEO and Founder

Saud Juman is the CEO and Founder of PolicyMedical and a board member for the Stouffville Markham Hospital, helping healthcare organizations meet compliance requirements and improve patient safety through automating and streamlining policy, contract, business associate and vendor management.

Saud is passionate about and knows very well the importance of effective policy management as it pertains to hospitals, health systems, and care facilities, as well as the impact that health reform and technology can have on it.

Saud is a dynamic speaker with a vision of bringing health and happiness to the healthcare community not only through technology innovation but by fostering the health and well-being of healthcare professionals through the understanding of the personal challenges they face daily in fast-paced, stress-induced environments. He regularly shares his philosophy on the importance of being happy and healthy in life and in your career.


  • “One of the best speeches I have ever heard at a conference. Meaningful, personal, insightful. Made me reflect on who I am, where I am going and how I will take advantage of my second chance in life”

    Tracy Fultz
    Healthcare Compliance Professional
  • “Saud did a great job of reminding/encouraging people to find their path and move down it in order to work towards health and happiness”

    Audrey E. Coaxum
    Healthcare Compliance Professional
  • “Likeable, personable and sincere CEO with a passion for people”

    Lisa Paige
    Healthcare Compliance Professional

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