Integrity Manager
Healthcare risk management monitoring software
Real-time data surveillance software solution for exclusions/sanctions and credentials checking of vendors/business associates, and employees/contract workers

Integrity Manager is the only comprehensive risk, security and compliance solution for covered entities, business associates, vendors and employees, it enables CISOs, Quality, Risk and Compliance professionals to automate and streamline continuous integrity checks and audits associated with diagnosing, curing and protecting security and compliance risks in real time. The solution enables healthcare organizations to avoid costly fines and penalties while improving operational efficiencies, reducing administrative burden and maintain a global view of all your vendors/BAs and their risk profiles.

Perform Integrity Checks

Easily and quickly check on the current or past status of a prospective vendor you are considering to do business with or before you hire or retain an employee/contract worker.

Real-time, Automated, Continuous Search

Eliminate the need to manually search through a litany of Federal and State databases for exclusions/sanctions or current information on credentials, including any disciplinary actions.


Easily manage dozens, hundreds, or thousands of BAs, Vendors, Employees and Contract Workers from one location.

Protection against Breaches and Fines

Enjoy security against millions of dollars’ worth of fines from negligence by Business Associates and Vendors.

Did you know? 30 to 50% of all data breaches are due to Business Associates & Vendors. Between Jan. 1, 2016 and Aug. 31, 2016, approximately 30% of incidents on HHS’ public breach tool involved a business associate or vendor.

Integrity Manager

Real-time Exclusion Checks

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Integrity Manager

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