Healthcare Policy Management Software
Comprehensive policy management software built with your workflow processes in mind

PolicyManager™ enables healthcare professionals to access the right documents anywhere, anytime in seconds. With PolicyManager, staff can spend less time trying to locate policies at point of care reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to alert staff of new and/or changing policies and the ability to streamline workflows, crosswalk policies to regulatory bodies reduces administrative burden as well as operational costs. Hospitals, health systems, clinics and other healthcare organizations can keep current with regulatory and accreditation activities, as PolicyManager makes it easy to create, edit and approve policies from start to finish.

Version Control

Accessing previous versions of a policy for the next unannounced auditor visit requires just the click of a button. Risk managers will immediately appreciate the benefits of policy version control and archiving.

Easy Attestation

The software helps to maintain an ever-ready state of compliance. The iAttest feature alerts frontline staff of required attestation, and is an essential asset for the Risk and Compliance Department.

Crosswalk Policies to Regulatory Bodies

To help enhance organization compliance, documents can be mapped to the appropriate regulation or standard.

Usability and One-Click Searching

The software is designed for simplicity and ease of use even by people with minimum IT experience.

Seamless Integration

The software integrates with Microsoft Word to guarantee policy version control, as well as cloud-based file sharing apps Dropbox and Box to streamline workflow and help control land govern access to documents.

Workflow Collaboration

Updates and notifications can be shared, leading to clear communication among your policy committees. Workflows can standardize the way a policy is revised each time.

“Advocate Health Care conducted a review of multiple policy management system vendors. PolicyMedical’s competitively priced solution, PolicyManager, met our selection criteria, received favorable references, especially regarding customer service, and commitment to meet customer needs on an ongoing basis. Therefore, Advocate Health Care selected PolicyMedical for their document management system.”

– Lead Administrator Quality Management and Regulatory, Advocate Health Care

Streamline Policy Workflows

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