Tom Leahy

Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Phone- 1-888-697-6331 

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Get to know Tom

To give you the opportunity to get to know our staff a little better we sat down and asked them 5 simple questions. Here’s what Tom had to say…


What do you do at PolicyMedical (in a nutshell)?

I manage the sales team and help grow the business.


Why do you like working at PolicyMedical?

I love working with customers and making a positive impact on quality in healthcare.


Where is the best or most interesting place you’ve ever visited?

New Zealand


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Family time, physical fitness activities, and golfing.


My greatest achievement is…

Personally, having a wonderful marriage and two kids that continue to grow and make positive contributions to society. Professionally, taking a company with no customers and building it into a well-recognized organization that has made a positive impact on healthcare, quality, and safety.