Fun And Games

How about some friendly competition? The PolicyMedical team ventured off to enjoy some fun and games in the break room in Richmond Hill, ON. We split up into two teams, and were placed into two separate rooms. We were then given the chance to master a series of puzzles, riddles and mysteries to complete the mission and escape the room. Through some trials and tribulations, team Pink Panther beat team Dracula!

At PolicyMedical we very much value our team spirit and staff relations. This is why as a company we regularly have staff lunches together or go out for meals.

Work-Life Balance

work-life-1The PolicyMedical team fluctuates from working from home, working within the office and travelling abroad to visit clients, so once a week our entire team comes into the office to reconnect and touch base. It’s a good time to have some face time with coworkers and connect on any projects or developments within the company.

When it comes to the office space, we have an open concept office to let the creativity flow! We also have a variety of conference rooms in case there are any meeting or calls with clients for when you need a bit more privacy and limited background noise. Among other things, our team enjoys a friendly game of ping pong once in a while, for instance you’ll usually find Luis Camargo, the Software Engineering Manager and Yusuf Rawji, Client Success Manager, enjoying a game of ping pong at the office.

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